A light is a light, is a light…right? Wrong!

Published: Thursday April 11, 2019

With literally thousands of LED fixtures flooding the marketplace it can be difficult to select a quality product, that is the right fit for your business. A few questions that you can ask:

Does the manufacturer use anything for thermal management? The majority of the products available use very cheap materials and sometimes are almost entirely plastic. Plastic + Heat = Early Failure. Choose a company that has an aluminum heat sink.

Do the LED's have optics / lenses? Optics direct the light where you need it thus allowing you to use a lower wattage fixture.

How long is the warranty? 5 years is the minimum you should accept, most quality products have a 7 year, 10 year or longer warranty.

A consultant like myself can assist you to pick the best fixture for your application…Or you could just go to a distributor or ask your incumbent electrician and get whatever cheap fixture they are trying to get rid of.

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