Seeing is believing…

Published: Tuesday July 4, 2023

LED lighting has emerged as the frontrunner in the world of illumination, surpassing fluorescent lighting in several key aspects. Its energy efficiency, longevity, durability, reduced environmental impact, and superior lighting quality make it the preferred choice for homes, offices, and public spaces. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further improvements in LED lighting, making it an even more compelling option for a brighter and more sustainable future. So, when it comes to lighting up your surroundings, make the switch to LED and let its brilliance light the way.

Check out the awesome results from our most recent project at Professional Plastics in San Jose, CA. We performed a 1 for 1 fixture replacement of existing 4 lamp T5 fluorescent fixtures with the Linmore LED AH1 at 165 watts. The customer said they wanted more light...Mission accomplished!!!

In the below photo on the left side you can see the entire space is evenly illuminated. The lights are so bright they are bouncing off the floor and illuminating the ceiling.

Halfway through the retrofit at Professional Plastics San Jose...Can you tell which side is new?!

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