Good Lights Make a Difference

Published: Monday February 28, 2022
Lodi Toyota Before and After

Latest Project

In December we were thrilled to have successfully completed a lighting project at Lodi Toyota. With a high traffic location, just off the 99, lets just say they keep super busy. 


Still they are never too busy for their customers. When you walk in you’ll get several friendly greetings. I was surprised to see a gong near the entrance. Every time a customer buys a car they get to hit it. Which is usually followed by other staff cheering and congratulating them. One of the managers might even announce the sale on the loud speaker. With a passion for their company, you will even find the general manager is working late hours. Visiting Lodi Toyota is an experience. All was left was for their lighting to come up to that level. 

Decisions Decisions

We started out doing about half the lights. Shortly after that they wished they did more. So that’s exactly what we did. In the end we changed 150 exterior fixtures, 40 high bay fixtures in the shop, and 300 interior fixtures. 

Bottom Line

How about that bottom line? This lighting will provide them with $45,000 annual electrical savings!!! If that wasn’t good enough, their city had an excellent rebate program, $65,000! What’s more, their lights shine brightly, efficiently and match their high energy vibe. Imagine what we can do for your company. 

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