A Luxury Dealership Finds the Perfect Fit

Published: Tuesday November 22, 2022
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True North in partnership with Vega Electric were privileged to provide a turnkey lighting package for a previous client at Sangera Automotive group in Bakersfield, California. Who are they? They are a luxury car dealership that sells brands such as Sprinter, Subaru, and Mercedes Benz. So whether you are looking to grow your business with a Sprinter Van, embark on new adventures with a Subaru, or acquire a luxury car with Mercedes, Sangera Automotive Group has something for you. Their dealership is located at 5500 Gasoline Alley Drive in Bakersfield's bustling Auto Mall. They have been in business since 1972. 

When did we first meet?

Our partnership with Sangera started in 2011. The owner of True North, Tom Fernett, was with Enpro Energy Systems at the time. Damon Culbertson, President and General Manager at Sangera, called us to retrofit their lighting. Tom assisted them to be the first dealership in the Auto Mall to replace their inefficient metal halides with T5 flourescent fixtures. Translation new lighting technology allowed them to be more energy efficient while providing better lighting output at the same time. 


11 years later we are assisting Damon in further reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint while simultaneously increasing the light levels. Linmore Ultralink Bluetooth controls were installed throughout. The wireless controls allowed them to create a schedule to use their lights based on occupancy. At dusk the lights turn on at 100%. 30 minutes after closing, lights dim to 85% and switch to occupancy. Occupancy? That means when someone walks on the lot, the lights in that zone return to 100%. After 10 minutes of being occupied, they dim to 85%. At dawn all lights turn off. 


Commissioning the project was a breeze thanks to good up front planning and working along with the Linmore team.  The light levels were awesome as I have come to expect from the Site Lighter, however the level of control and the ability to create different zones was what sold the customer.  We were able to significantly brighten their lot, save a ton of energy and resolve all of the issues they were experiencing with their antiquated LCP. Win, win, win!!

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